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Karen's thoughts, tips and tactics for caregivers

Karen Trilligan is the Caregiver Specialist at BayPath Elder Services. Through The Wellness Wall, Karen offers caregivers support, encouragement, tips and information throughout their caregiving experience. Karen can be reached at 508-573-7239 or at ktrilligan@baypath.org


Keep Warm, and Safe, This Winter »

It’s that time of year again when the air is cold, the weather is unpredictable and we need different precautions to keep our loved ones safe.


New Year, New... Caregiver! »

This new year start something YOU have wanted to do that maybe you haven’t been able to because of your care giving journey


Take Time for Holiday Tips »

Holiday season has arrived and with that can be some stressful times especially when you are caring for a loved one.


Beat the Heat with These Cool Tips »

Summer safety, hot weather concerns, and how you can help as a


Healthy Helpings »

March is National Nutrition Month, which is a perfect time to think about your loved one and your own nutrition and eating habits.


Happy New Year »

As the New Year approaches it is a great time to start thinking about some new goals or resolutions that you might want to achieve (or give up) in 2017.


Bundle Up! »

There are several things to remember when approaching the cold weather months, especially if you are caring for a loved one who is elderly. But regardless of age you should be prepared for a safe win...


Light Up The Holidays »

As a caregiver, you give all year, how could you possibly give even more during the holiday season?


Happy Veterans Day »

Caring for a veteran? That is amazing! On behalf of myself and the Family Caregiver Support Program at BayPath Elder Services, thank them. And then thank yourself for us, for caring for them.


Celebrate Independence »

Being independent with even the smallest of tasks will promote physical, mental, social and emotional health for your loved one.

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