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The world has been rightly focused on the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake in Houston and much of Texas this week. We add our thoughts and hopes for the safety of all affected and a speedy recovery for the region.

While Texans set their sights on survival and recovery, closer to home the effects of Harvey should have everyone, including caregivers, thinking about proper preparation for the threats that accompany every hurricane season. Major storms have battered New England many times, especially in the late summer and early fall months.

To help caregivers of a loved one with dementia in particular in such circumstances, the  Association has offered some tips for how to prepare for and handle a natural disaster. This advice is helpful not just for the possibility of tropical storms at this time of year, but for major weather events in any season, such as tornadoes, blizzards and even heat waves.

The Alzheimer’s Association groups its advice in two main categories, with tips on how to plan ahead and how to prepare an emergency kit.

Check out those tips, as well as some of the past entries on this blog, including in-depth Q&A’s on summer safety tips and winter safety tips. And remember, stay safe out there and try to prepare for all contingencies.

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