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Kellie Moore wasn’t seeking recognition. She certainly wasn’t expecting any awards.

But sometimes doing the right thing does get rewarded.

A caregiver in BayPath’s Adult Family Care Program, Moore has earned a prestigious award for her dedicated care. She has been chosen to receive a Community Living Recognition Award at the annual Massachusetts Shared Living/Adult Family Care Conference at the Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlborough on Sept. 26.

“I can’t believe it,” said Moore of the honor. “I’m still in shock right now. I had to have (the email notifying her) printed out because I can’t believe it. I was like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I’m flattered. I’ve never won an award before. So I thank you guys so much. I’m so excited.”

Moore has been caring for Arthur Schneider for more than four years, the first two as a personal care attendant and the last two as his designated caregiver in the AFC Program. In 2015, she welcomed Schneider into her Framingham apartment in 2015 when he otherwise would have had to move into a long-term care facility.

Their time together has helped Schneider, 63, show progress as he battles a number of serious health conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, mild cognitive impairment, anxiety and depression.

“I take him to all his doctors’ appointments,” said Moore. “I do everything, everything that needs to be done for Arthur. We do everything together. Where I go he goes. We’re like glue.”

Moore is just one of many dedicated caregivers who have made BayPath’s AFC Program a success since its launch in 2015, and Moore is hoping to see even more people become involved in it.

“I like the AFC Program, I really like it,” said Moore. “I only wish I had a house so I could take on a couple more clients. It’s really rewarding. And (Schneider) does really well here, being in a home and not in a nursing home.”

Moore added that she would recommend becoming an AFC caregiver to others as well, though she admits it is a big responsibility to take on.

“I would tell them to join (the AFC Program),” said Moore, who gets help in caring for Arthur from her fiancé, Issiah Bradley. “But not everybody can do this. A lot of people tell me, ‘I don’t know how you do this. I could never do that. Your whole life changes around.’ Which it does. You make a big commitment when you do the AFC Program, but I really like it. It’s rewarding.”

For more information about BayPath’s AFC Program, check out our AFC page, the BayPath website or contact AFC Program Manager David Atupem at 508-573-7373 or datupem@baypath.org.

Caregiver Kellie Moore (right) with AFC Program consumer Arthur Schneider/Photo by Douglas Flynn

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