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Golden Pond Assisted Living is hosting an “Increase Your Medicare IQ” educational seminar next month.

The event, presented by TheMedicareAdvisors.com, will take place from 6-7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15 at Golden Pond (50 West Street, Hopkinton, MA). Refreshments will be served at 5:30 p.m.

Leading the discussion will be Russ Swallow, a certified senior advisor and licensed insurance advisor. The seminar will cover topics for people signing up for Medicare for themselves or a loved one for the first time such as:

– What does Part A cover?
– What isn’t covered?
– What are the deductibles? Co-pays?
– What about Parts B, C and D?
– What is Medigap?

Also up for discussion are topics for those on Medicare now, such as:

– Have your prescriptions changed?
– When did you last review your options?
– Has your physician network changed?

The seminar will also cover some plan specifics, such as which plan has:

– No co-pays
– No deductibles
– No gatekeepers
– Every doctor in the country that accepts Medicare
– Every hospital in the country that accepts Medicare

There will also be discussion on the issues if you don’t sign up for Parts B or D when you first become eligible, such as:

– Why is there a penalty to sign up later?
– How do you avoid the penalty?
– What forms are needed to sign up now?

To RSVP for the seminar, contact Jen Belesi at 508-435-1250 or jbelesi@goldenpondal.com.

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