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This post has been provided by Baypath’s Healthy Living Coordinator Renee D’Argento.


Each year in November, the Healthy Living Center of Excellence (HLCE) Annual Sharpening Your Skills Conference is held for Healthy Living Program Coordinators and others in the senior aging community. The goal of this event is to celebrate accomplishments and share knowledge among colleagues that helps us to promote programming in our communities.

There were several enlightening topics, one of which focused on the value of storytelling as a communication tool for creating public visibility around our work. Compelling stories can be instrumental in obtaining grant funding as well as promoting awareness of upcoming programs.  Other topics included:

  • Volunteer leader recruitment and development
  • ReFraming Aging
    • Learning new adjectives to describe those who have lived longer, so we do not inadvertently reinforce ageism.
  • The importance of positioning our storytelling so that it promotes more engagement with our listeners.
    • Through two-way dialog, we can increase public support of the policies and programs that will help all of us as we grow older.

HLCE Outstanding Leader Award nominee, Pegg Mancuso-Rowe

This year, one of BayPath’s most prolific Healthy Living Program leaders, Pegg Mancuso-Rowe was nominated by Baypath’s Healthy Living Coordinator Renee D’Argento, for the 2019 HLCE Outstanding Leader Award. Pegg was among many other deserving nominees recognized for her long-standing commitment as a volunteer bringing programs to our community. Pegg has become a Master Trainer certified in seven Evidence-Based Programs* and has volunteered to co-lead many of Baypath’s healthy living programs for approximately eight years. According to Ms. D’Agento:

“It is apparent to anyone who works with Pegg that she enjoys what she is doing and derives great satisfaction from helping others. 
BayPath is fortunate to have such a committed volunteer.”

About Renee D’Argento, Healthy Living Program Coordinator, BayPath Elder Services. 

Renee joined BayPath as the Healthy Living Program Coordinator in the spring of 2019 and comes to us with experience as a health policy advocate. She was the Resident Services Coordinator at RCAP Solutions, Inc., where she conducted out-reach, case management, person-centered care services. Renee supported 100+ low-income seniors, families, and disabled individuals living in HUD-subsidized housing. Renee has a B.S. in Physical Education/ Exercise Science from UMass Boston and a Health Management Certificate from the Graduate School of Public Health at UMass Lowell.

BayPath Elder Services – Healthy Living Programs

BayPath provides several evidence-based Healthy Living Programs to help individuals with the prevention and self-management of chronic diseases and other health conditions. These programs follow the guidelines of the Healthy Living Center of Excellence and are the result of the R&D efforts of Stanford University.

Programs are low or no-cost and are continually offered throughout MetroWest and beyond. The programs make use of volunteer leader talent to provide a peer-group model for participants.

*Evidence-Based Healthy Living Programs include Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Self-Management, Chronic Pain Self-Management, Matter of Balance, Savvy Caregiver, Healthy Eating, Cancer: Thriving and Surviving.

Following the Hudson Senior Center Savvy Caregiver Program, which ran from August 22 to October 3, 2019, Renee and Peg received this thank you note from an attendee:

“Many thanks for the Savvy Caregiver Program recently offered at the Hudson Senior Center. The information shared through media presentations, along with your knowledge and experience was most helpful. Establishing an atmosphere for sharing and supporting one another in the group was appreciated. The Caregivers Guide is a great reference, for now and the times ahead, and will be shared with family. 
Thanks for listening to our stories, making encouraging comments, and offering suggestions.”
Learn more about our healthy living programs and when they are offered on our BayPath website or contact Renee at rd’argento@baypath.org

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