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The I’m Still Here Foundation, along with Hearthstone Alzheimer Care and the Callahan Center, is offering a unique opportunity to help family caregivers with a workshop entitled, “The Glass Is Half Full.”

The workshop will be held on Thursday, January 19 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Callahan Center (535 Union Ave, Framingham, MA) and is described as “a caregiver toolkit for providing purposeful engagement for persons living at home with memory challenges.”

In the two-hour workshop, participants will learn practical, field-tested methods for creating a day full of rich experiences for their loved one, utilizing Hearthstone’s internationally acclaimed “I’m Still Here” approach. This research-based methodology incorporates innovative techniques drawn from Montessori learning philosophies and research in procedural and emotional memory systems to create opportunities for true engagement regardless of the severity of memory loss.

Topics covered will include:

– Strategies for encouraging independence
– Adapting the home environment to promote engagement
– Utilizing procedural memory techniques to create a daily routine
– Creating an orientation station in the home
– Using templates and external cues to promote self-directed engagement
– Instruction on creating several types of meaningful, engaging activities, including: adapted reading materials; adapted biographies called “Life Stories”; sorting and matching activities utilizing hardwired memory skills; the use of art to create opportunities for conversation and reminiscence; adaptions for traditional activities (like watching TV) that can increase meaning and engagement

In addition to the valuable information gained by attending the workshop, each participant will receive several of Hearthstone’s research-based activity tools to use at home with their loved one.

The training is free for people caring for a loved on at home. No professional caregivers please. Please RSVP to lau@framinghamma.gov or call Lisa at 508-532-5980 x2.

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