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Should older adults have non-essential visitors during this time?

What precautions should I take when I’m visiting an older adult’s home?

When I bring purchases into the home, like food or household supplies, do I need to sanitize them before putting them away or using them?

When I receive packages, do they need to be sanitized?

What’s the proper technique for washing my hands to reduce the spread of infection?

How do I disinfect my older adult’s home to prevent the spread of viruses?

I care for two separate people, in two separate locations. How can I safely provide care and not transmit viruses between them or from myself?

My older adult is in a nursing home or assisted living community that has been locked down – no visitors are allowed. How can I keep in touch with them and make sure they’re not scared or lonely?

Are grocery stores dedicating certain hours in which high-risk individuals (like seniors) can shop without crowds?

Is the COVID-19 virus airborne? Can I get infected by using the elevator in my building?

If I have a fever and don’t know if I have COVID-19, is it ok to take Advil (ibuprofen) to bring down the fever?

What should I do if I start to feel ill?

Is financial help available for people who have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis? (See #18 for additional tips and info)


What are some senior-friendly indoor activity ideas?

Should seniors go to existing medical appointments?

How do I talk about coronavirus lifestyle changes and shelter-in-place orders with someone who has Alzheimer`s or dementia?

What can you do when seniors won’t take social distancing or stay-at-home orders seriously?

I can’t work right now because the company is shut down, I’ve been laid off, or because I need to stay home to reduce my older adult’s exposure to the virus. What kind of financial help can I get?

I heard that Americans are going to get money from the government. What does that mean for me? How much money will I get?

What does Medicare cover for coronavirus?

What about me? Are coronavirus tests and treatments going to be covered by my health insurance?

I lost my job-based health insurance coverage and I’m worried about getting medical care if I get sick. Where can I get low-cost coverage now?

Should I wear a face mask when I go out? What about at home?

Should I make my own hand sanitizer? Can I use DIY hand sanitizer recipes that I find online?

Should grandparents be visiting with grandchildren right now?

I’m on Social Security and don’t have to file taxes. Do I need to file a tax return or extra paperwork to get my coronavirus stimulus payment from the government?

What are my options if I can’t pay my credit card bills due to coronavirus?

What’s the best material to use when making a cloth face mask?

What should I do if my older adult gets sick? How do I know if they have COVID-19?

I’m a senior and I’m not able to go out to buy groceries due to coronavirus. How can I get help with shopping?

I’m taking care of someone with dementia. Before coronavirus, I was preparing to move them to a memory care community, but the care community has stopped move-ins and the person is getting more aggressive. How can I get help? What can I do?

My older adult has an in-home caregiver who goes to their home every day. What kind of precautions should they be taking?

If restrictions or stay-at-home orders are being lifted in my area, does that mean that the pandemic is under control and we don’t need to take precautions against coronavirus exposure anymore?

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