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Hi Friends!

Thanksgiving is a day when many younger people (and some of us older folx) take a deep breath over a second helping of dessert – and – come out to the whole family.  

They are hoping it goes well, and counting on having some allies present in the conversation that unfolds.

If you are facing this, here is a NY Times Magazine article on How to come out at Thanksgiving. It is from 2015 but the advice is still prevalent today.

When reading, the article notice that it doesn’t have to be a whole conversation right away… people can and should take some time to process!

Need some help explaining, in clear and affirming language?

You can download pamphlets from PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.)

You can find local PFLAG support groups in the Greater Boston area. (Some groups are trans-specific.  The Concord, MA group is good for “late bloomers.”)

Need to talk to someone?  

Younger LGBTQ+ folx can call or text or live chat with the Trevor Project.
Their hotline, 1-866-488-7386, is staffed 24/7.  If you are Questioning, this is a great place to find support!

Trans and gender expansive folx, and their families, can find well-moderated discussion forums at Susan’s Place.

The holidays can be emotionally intense!  

Take some time to take good care of YOU!
See a movie, talk a walk in the sunshine, call a friend, buy yourself that festive winter hat!

Sometimes the holidays can be TOO intense….

If you think you or a loved one might be drinking too much or taking too many pills, you can find Open Recovery Chat Rooms, online 12-step meetings, and more at www.stepchat.com.  This is not an LGBTQ+-centric site, but quite a few users are part of our Rainbow Community.

You can also find support and advice from GaL-AA, the community of LGBTQ+ members of Alcoholics Anonymous, at www.GaL-AA.org.  Remember, there’s no shame in wanting to get better!

To all of you who are planning to come out this holiday season:

The older generations of LGBTQ+ folx are here for you.

We are listening to you!

We love you.

You are our very favorite YOU.

We celebrate and honor YOU.

And to all of you who will be dodging questions, neutralizing pronouns, and changing the subject…

There’s no timeline for coming out.

Whenever you are ready, that is the exact right time for YOU.
We know you’re there, and we love you just the way you are RIGHT NOW.

Right now, YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are, just where you are on your journey.

We are listening to you!

We love you.

You are our very favorite YOU.

We celebrate and honor YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving!  

We are truly grateful to have such friends as all of you.

All the best to you, from all your friends at BayPath Elder Services!

This post was written by Julie Nowak, LGBTQ+ Initiative Coordinator for BayPath Elder Services, Inc
You can reach Julie on a confidential phone line at 508-573-7288, or by email at lgbtinfo@baypath.org. 

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