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Do you or a loved one struggle with dementia and memory loss?  Would you like to come to the senior center and participate in activities but are hesitant to do that on your own?

“TWO TOGETHER” is a new program at the Ashland Senior Center designed to help seniors with memory issues to enjoy conversation and activities offered at the senior center with a trained volunteer to accompany them.

The program aims to provide a safe, independent and healthy environment for those unable to come to the center on their own. Participants can enjoy being with their peers, prevent boredom, slow down disease progression, break the cycle of isolation and loneliness, make new friends or reunite with old friends.  Their Partner Volunteer can know they are helping another, learn about memory loss and how to deal with it, enjoy activities at the senior center, make new friends, and help expand a new and much needed dementia-friendly society.

Activities you can do together at the senior center include:  Exercise class, chair volleyball, chair yoga, tai chi, lunches, movies, bingo, crafts, coloring, cards, discussion groups and special events.

If you know someone who would benefit from being a Participant in “TWO TOGETHER,” or if you would be interested in becoming a Partner Volunteer, please contact Susan Wells at 508-881-0140 x7945, email her at swells@ashlandmass.com or visit her in the Outreach Office at the Ashland Senior Center (162 W. Union St. Ashland, MA).

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