Information and resources that support your role in caring for a loved one.

Information. Connection. Community.

Those three words guide our mission here at CaregivingMetroWest.org. They were important enough to put in our logo.

Our extensive InfoCenter provides plenty of information for caregivers, while our resource listings by both town and type are part of our attempt to connect caregivers to the services and support they need.

Those elements we can deliver. But to create the kind of community we hope to forge here will require some help from you.

One of the features of the site, and one that we hope to be among the most active, is our discussion forum. This message board is designed to serve as an outlet for caregivers to connect with fellow caregivers, share their knowledge and experience or simply chat about whatever is on their mind.

In researching the needs of area caregivers before building this website, this was a feature that many of the caregivers we talked with felt would be very helpful as a way to get more information, interact with fellow caregivers and receive and offer some needed support.

Many of you have at least taken a look at the boards, and a few have already begun to post. And we’re hoping many more of you will join them and really get the conversations flowing. So register for the message board here, then head on over to the forum, ask a question, answer one from someone else or just share some of your own experiences.

Unsure What is Right for You?

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