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Caregiving MetroWest celebrated the third anniversary of its launch earlier this week. Throughout those three years, we have regularly added and updated the contents and features of the site to better meet the needs of area family caregivers.

Of all the additions we have made, none has been more important than the creation of Alicia Rego’s Wellness Wall. Rego, the Caregiver Specialist at BayPath Elder Services, Inc., provides tips, advice and even the occasional recipe to help caregivers throughout the challenging journey of caring for a loved one.

While the Wellness Wall was already a source of great insight and information, we felt it needed a bit of a makeover to improve its look, and more importantly, its usability. So we have begun the process of upgrading the feature to make it better than ever. A few touches are still being tweaked, but you can see the results by checking out the Wall now.

You’ll find that all past posts are archived in smaller, more manageable pages. You may also notice that each post has one or more category listings above the headline. You can see all the posts in each category by clicking on the links in the rail on the left side of the main Wellness Wall page. That Wellness Wall homepage is also easier to navigate with a short description of each post. Click on the headline to read the full entry.

The site’s homepage also now features clickable links to the most recent Wellness Wall posts, so you can always check to see if Alicia has added a new entry.

So take a look at the new and improved Wellness Wall, read through the past entries and check back often for new bits of insight, information and advice.

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