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Here at Caregiving MetroWest, we are continually striving to make this site more informative, easier to navigate and more user friendly.

It is the pursuit of that last goal that led to a change in the site today that you may have noticed. The interactive glossary terms that are embedded throughout the site are now displayed slightly differently. Before, the definitions for the terms would automatically “pop up” when you scrolled your cursor over them, then close again when you scrolled off them.

Now, the glossary terms – which are identifiable as the words in green text and underlined – are clickable. The definitions will appear only when you click on them. As before, a small box will appear with the definition of the term, allowing you to learn the meaning of that term, phrase or acronym without leaving the page you’re reading. To close the box, simply click on the “x” in the black circle in the upper right corner of the box.

This change enables the pages to load much quicker. Before, the time it took to load the hovering glossary terms to each page added several extra seconds to the load time. Now, even pages with large photos and extensive content will open quickly. This should enhance your experience here, without sacrificing the value of providing the definition of the caregiving terms in our glossary without leaving the page.

For some of our repeat visitors who were here before this change, particularly if you use Google Chrome, you may need to clear the cache of your computer if the definitions are not displaying properly when clicked. To do this, click the control, shift and delete keys at the same time, then click on “clear browsing data” on the next screen.

Most of you should not have to do that, but even if you do have to take the extra step of clearing your cache we hope that you will agree that the improve site speed and performance will be worth it.

As always, thank you very much for coming to CaregivingMetroWest.org. I hope that you find the information, resources and connections for support that you need here. If you have any suggestions to further improve the site, feel free to leave your feedback on our discussion forum.

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