October 4th-8th is Malnutrition Awareness Week™ (MAW).

Guest Post from our Dietitian/Nutritionist, Traci Robidoux, RD, LDN

Good afternoon! October 4th-8th is Malnutrition Awareness Week™ (MAW), which is an annual, multi-organizational campaign created to educate about early detection and treatment of malnutrition.  

Did you know that 50% of older adults are at risk for malnutrition?
Older adults (65yrs and older) are often more prone to malnutrition because aging may come with a cumulation of diseases and impairments, which may directly influence the balance between nutritional needs and actual nutrient intake.

Below are some selected risk factors for developing malnutrition:

Chronic diseases No longer able to prepare meals
Taking multiple medications (Polypharmacy) Social isolation & limited social supports
Overly restrictive diets Financial limitations
Poor dentition, trouble chewing Lack of transportation to purchase food
Difficulty swallowing (Dysphagia)


Be a Nutrition Neighbor!

Also, check out ’s social media outlets for information on the #BeANutritionNeighbor campaign that started in MA during the pandemic.  The Campaign recognized malnutrition among older adults as a serious problem in the state, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and encouraged people to stay connected in a socially distant way with the older adults in their life.