The Wayside Inn in Sudbury/Photo by Douglas Flynn

Creating a safe home and the best care possible

Caregiving often presents new and unfamiliar challenges. Learn about some of the ways to best care for your loved one, make their home safe and find the tools to help them stay comfortable and independent.

Home Safety and Modification

Learn about how to modify your loved one’s home to create a safe environment.
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Medication Management

Find out about how to help your loved one keep track of medication prescriptions and doses.
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Personal Care Tips

Learn about the safest and most effective ways to care for your loved one.
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Transferring Your Loved One

Information and tips on the safest and most effective ways to transfer a person into and out of a bed or chair.
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Wound Care

Information on the safest and most effective way for caregivers to change a bandage and treat wounds.
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Unsure What is Right for You?

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