A goodbye, and a hello

Alicia Rego bids farewell to BayPath, but leaves us with the following kind words:

“As I  move on to the next journey in my career path I want to express my gratitude for all of the people caring for a loved one. I will miss the rewarding work that I was able to do with all of the I had the pleasure of meeting and supporting over the past three years. Your dedication and advocacy for your loved ones is beyond amazing and selfless, even in the hardest of times you rise when they cannot. 

I wish the best to all and feel very confident that the new Specialist, Karen Trilligan, will be there to direct, connect and support you.”

Editor’s note: The above is the final entry on the Wall from Alicia Rego, ‘s Specialist and the creator of the Wellness Wall.  Our new Caregiver Specialist, Karen Trilligan (ktrilligan@.org),  will now be providing her own insights and advice on the Wellness Wall.  Additionally, you can read interesting articles and news in our Caregiver Chronicles blog.