Accept Your Feelings

Caregiving can bring on a lot of feelings and emotions. For most it is difficult to admit they feel angry, fearful, overwhelmed or anxious. These emotions and feelings do not mean you are a bad person or that you don’t care for your loved one.

I am here to tell you this is normal. It is normal to feel angry at things you cannot change or things that have changed in your life that you may not have wanted to. It is normal to feel resentment towards family members who may not take on or understand the caregiving responsibilities that you do. It is normal to feel fearful or anxious about the future and options.

Having a healthy outlet to talk about these feelings is important. Try to find someone who you don’t feel would “judge” or make you feel guilty. I, personally, work with a lot of caregivers who need to hear that it is OK to feel these things and that you are not a terrible caregiver, you are human.

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