Around the Purple Table

When you care for a loved one with dementia, hearing or vision problems, PTSD or another debilitating condition it may be scary or seem impossible to go out to eat at a restaurant. The environment may be too much, the menu choices can cause anxiety and the stigma can be felt.

I wanted to share a great new way to make a reservation using “Purple Table”. Purple Table is a reservation that needs no other details (although you can provide as much detail as you would like). Making a Purple Table reservation ensures you sit in a quieter part of the restaurant, possibly have a selected menu and the wait staff will be aware and accommodating.

There are only a few participating restaurants in Massachusetts at this time but I hope to see more popping up in the near future! Find participating restaurants here.

Overall the general idea is wonderful for making reservations anywhere. By calling first and explaining what you need or want out of your dining experience, the staff can be prepared and helpful.

Happy dining!