Arthritis Awareness Month

May is Awareness Month


The CDC, the Foundation and other partners have joined together to observe Awareness Month each May and are the source  for the information in this post.

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How do you know if your joint symptoms could mean you have ? 

According the the Arthritis Foundation, only a health care professional can tell you for sure, but certain signs usually point to arthritis. There are four important warning signs that should prompt you to talk to a health care provider.

Warning Signs
Difficulty moving a joint

Also, the CDC offers a wealth of easy to understand information on Arthritis, including the differnt types, eveidenced based programs to help manage the pain, and general tips for living with Arthritis.

Managing Arthritis: Strive for the following five.

Learn new self-management skills.

Be active.

Talk to your doctor.

Manage your weight.

Protect your joints.