Ask an Expert

Have you been to all of the classes, seminars, informational programs about caregiving? Are you still feeling a bit lost or alone? Well today’s post is about something that is better than any seminar or class.

And the answer is: learning from those who have been or are in a caregiver role themselves!

Many people are eager to share their experiences, tips they have learned along their own caregiving journey, or to support you in your journey! Try to connect with others who can offer real life, hands on advice! And how do they know it works or why are they offering this advice? Because they have done it, they have struggled just like you and they have experimented to find what works!

(This is of course not to say that what works for one person will absolutely work for you, but it’s worth a shot isn’t it?)

Where can you find these experienced ? How about starting at a support group, a memory café, an online blog spot.

If you would like to talk more about how to connect with other caregivers, talk with your caregiver specialist!