Beat the Heat with These Cool Tips

Its that time of year again when the summer is upon us and the sun starts to shine! While summer is great, because we get to get outside in the fresh air and increase our vitamin D, it can also be very dangerous for elders who may not know how to stay safe from heat-related illnesses.

In a Q&A last year, caregivingmetrowest.org spoke with Judith Boyko, MBA, MS, the CEO of Century Health Systems, to gain knowledge about summer safety.

Judith broke down why summer safety is even more important for elders by saying:

“Due to the natural changes in their bodies, older adults are more susceptible to heat-related illness. Chronic medical conditions and certain medications further contribute to that susceptibility. For instance, makes it more difficult for one’s body to effectively circulate blood and eliminate heat. Older adults don’t sweat as much as they did when they were young, which can limit the body’s ability to cool itself down. This makes them less aware of how the heat might be affecting them. Those who have respiratory issues may find it harder to breathe comfortably when temperatures are elevated.

“Additionally, if an older adult suffers from heat-related illness – which can cause dizziness and compromise balance – he or she is at an increased risk of falling.”

She also discussed skin protection, appropriate clothing, and how you as a caregiver can help.

Check out the entire Q&A here and have a happy and safe summer!