Don’t Forget the Music

If you have read my posts before you may know already that I am very big on non-pharmacological interventions with people who suffer from memory loss. Our bodies, even with dementia, can feel. Extensive neuroscience research has been done on music and memory with outstanding findings.

Music is known to have a calming effect and/or can make a person feel happier and more social. This is no different for a person who has dementia.  Music can tap into past memories through feelings and seemingly transform a person “back to life.”

Find out, if you don’t already know, what music your loved one enjoys and try having it on in the background at home. Also, you can give your loved one some headphones and some pre-loaded music on any tablet or phone.

Visit this Music and Memory page to find out more about the therapeutic benefits of music and programs that help and their loved ones get started.  Also, is one of the certified music and memory care organizations. Read about it here!