Elders and Driving

Having to give up your license is never an easy transition. For elders who may not understand the reasons why this happens it can be a confusing time where it seems like their independence is being taken away.

I have been researching this a lot lately as I recently worked with a caregiver whose 72-year-old father did not understand why his license had not been renewed. He felt like his independence was being taken from him and this made him very agitated and angry.

While it may not always be easy to explain this to someone, it all comes down to safety. Perhaps explaining how much you care for your loved one and want him or her safe (from other drivers as well) may help ease this transition.

Also, as a caregiver, how do you know when it is time for a loved one to turn in their keys before something bad happens?  Here are a few links to some driving safety information:

– When should Elders Stop Driving 
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– Upcoming Adults and Driving free seminar