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I often speak with Alzheimer’s or Dementia caregivers about trying to focus on what the remaining strengths and abilities are of their loved one rather than the loss and what they CANNOT do anymore.

This is not an easy concept, of course, as usually we have known this person for a big part of our lives and are seeing great loss in them. But changing this view and focus can really help you, as the caregiver, enjoy more of your loved one and also help their quality of life.Last month in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Weekly online I saw a link to a very interesting article titled: “Antipsychotics Drop 20 Percent If Focus is on What Dementia Residents CAN Do.” This new study led by Jennifer Tjia, MD, MSCE, Associate Professor of Quantitative Health Sciences, shows how medication is used less often when we change our focus from what the person cannot do to what the person can do.

The article says, “This intervention focused on treating the residents as human beings with needs, not as patients with problems.” And, “The Oasis program asks nursing staff to create care plans that include what residents can do, shifting away from the model that focuses on what they can’t do.”

Read through the whole article, it’s well worth the time. And also try this at home with your own loved one!