Journaling for Caregivers

When I meet with caregivers  I will offer them tools to ease their caregiving stress. I will provide the caregiver with a “tool kit” so to speak, which includes worksheets that will allow them to create a backup plan of care, stress reduction plan, and physical, social and brain health plans.

I will often discuss and relate these worksheets to creating a log, or creating a journal. I will explain to how it is sometimes easier to see and comprehend emotions, conflicts, behavior patterns or difficulties when you express them by writing them down and getting them on paper. I will often recommend journaling to caregivers as part of stress management, as it can provide excellent coping techniques. Taking just a few minutes every day to write down your thoughts and emotions can offer therapeutic benefits.

Did you know?  
“One study found that when people write about emotionally difficult events or feelings for just 20 minutes at a time over 3 to 4 days, their immune system function increased.”An excellent resource that outlines the six benefits of journaling for caregivers can be found at dailycaring.com 

Grab a notebook and a pen, sit back, take some time to relax and have a couple of moments to take advantage of some time to reflect just for you!