What to expect when your Home Care Worker visits your loved one at home

Your Home Care Worker will need to wash their hands with soap & hot water or use hand sanitizer when entering your home.

For your protection, your Home Care Worker will be wearing a face mask or face covering.

The Home Care Worker may also wear additional protective equipment, such as gloves, based on the services you are receiving.

You, your loved one and your Home Care Worker should maintain a safe distance of 6 feet whenever possible.

Your loved one may be requested to wear a face mask or face covering (if possible) when a safe distance cannot be maintained such as during assistance with your hygiene and .

During the pandemic or any time, protect your identity and well-being.

Keep your loved ones money, important documents ( card, card, credit cards, etc.) and other valuables in a safe & secure place when anyone visits your home.

Keep medications in a safe & secure place when anyone visits your home.

You should not give your Home Care Worker any debit/credit card or ask them to do any banking transactions. If your loved one needs help managing money, please contact your Care Manger.

The Home Care Worker is paid through their employer; do not loan money, provide tips or travel expenses.

What to do if you have concerns

Call your loved ones Care Manager as soon as possible.

  • If the care receipient is a BayPath Elder Services Consumer call: 508-573-7200
  • If the care receipient lives outside of MetroWest: Visit Mass Home Care: http://masshomecare.info/wp/our-members-3/, for a list of all 26 in Massachusetts.