Meet Alexa!

Another post for all my tech savvy caregivers!

Have you met Alexa? She is one of the first smart speaker home assistive devices on the market and can be a wonderful tool to use in the home of our elderly loved ones. How you ask? Well, Alexa has the capability to turn on lights or other home devices with using just your voice (“Alexa, turn on the lights”). She can also play their favorite music on demand as well as set reminders, date/time/weather checks anytime (as many times as someone say with dementia may want to ask this) and tell you the local or national news.

Alexa also has a “drop in” feature to other Alexa devices – if you, the caregiver, also have a device your loved one can connect with you like a phone call by just saying “Alexa call ____.” Not to mention she tells jokes and plays games!

No, Amazon is not paying me for this (I wish!). I actually do believe having an Alexa, or one of the other smart speaker home assistants, can be a great sense of security, a companion, fun and interactive device for someone who may be isolated.

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And as always, feel free to contact me or your local Caregiver Specialist for more products like this that may be helpful for you and your loved one!