New Year, New… Caregiver!

Happy 2018! We have all heard the “New Year New Me” resolution. We feel like the start of a new year is a great time to revamp our lives or start something we have always wanted to do.

This new year start something YOU have wanted to do that maybe you haven’t been able to because of your care giving journey. Below are a few ideas for caregiver self-care this New Year!

Take time for yourself: grab a coffee, get lost in a book, find even a few minutes each day that are just for YOU.

Get active: join a gym, go for walks, join a yoga or other class

Eat healthier: prepare meals for you and/or your loved one in advance, research healthy and yummy meals you can make quickly or in a crockpot

Join a support group

Get organized

Get some help: ask a friend of family member for regular help for you to get a break. Or look into agencies that provide this kind of help

As always, if you want to explore other ways to care for yourself contact myself or your local caregiver specialist!

Have a happy and healthy 2018!