Non-Pharmacological Interventions

I think sometimes, with all of the doctor’s visits, tests, screenings and medications, we forget the impact of engagements, connections and emotions on a person living with dementia and their quality of life.

This past week I helped facilitate an event at the Marlborough Senior Center put together by the MetroWest Alzheimer’s Partnership on Non- Pharmacological Memory Care with speaker and author Joshua Freitas. Joshua spoke about his book “The Dementia Concept” and talked about how through music, touch and even colors there are ways to create more supportive living environments and connections that may sustain cognitive functioning.

A simple touch or smile, knowing the color that can help a person feel safe or increase appetite, listening to music than can spark memories, all can have such positive outcomes for someone with memory loss. Here is the link to Joshua’s book “The Dementia Concept” and your Caregiver Specialist is also available to discuss these methods further!