Online Support

Don’t have the time or ability to get out of the house and attend a support group? Don’t worry, support is offered in so many places, perhaps some you haven’t even thought about!

I suggested to a caregiver this week to seek out a support group and of course she asked, “How am I going to do that when I have to be home with my father?” We looked around and actually found some amazing online support groups that you can access from inside your home!

I started by simply Googling “online support for caregivers” and found a few great places. But my favorite was Caring.com, which has different groups you can join such as caring for a spouse, caring for a parent, caring for someone with Alzheimer's/ Diabetes/Parkinson's/Cancer and more!

So, if you find yourself not able to get out but needing some support (which all caregivers should have!) check out Caring.com or another online support group.