Stress and Anxiety Reduction

We may think the typical stress reduction techniques are cliché or we just don’t have time to spend on deep breathing or exercising. But the truth is, these things do help!

Even a small “break” from a stressful situation (such as caregiving!) can help reset your body and give you more energy, positive feelings and lower stress.

The biggest issue I see for stress management is caregivers who don’t have the time as they are caring for a loved one 24/7 or trying to balance work, family and caregiving all at once. Who has time to go to the gym five times a week or take a nap during the day?

Think about the small techniques first. Deep breathing can take only 30 seconds and can help ground you at a stressful time. Listening to music can help you take your mind away even for just a moment.

This one is another cliché but I am going to say it anyway … don’t sweat the small stuff! Try to learn how to let things go that can be let go. Start small, then work your way up to bigger stress management techniques!