Technology Talk

In today’s world we talk about and utilize technology a lot. Just you being here on caregivingmetrowest.org you are using technology. So hooray for you for being a savvy, technological caregiver!

Today, I would like to share some other ways that we use/could use technology with our loved ones every day and a temporary grant that can help you obtain them!Portable digital music players for positive engagement, agitation and memory decline- this has actually shown many memory benefits as well. See my Don’t forget the Music post here on the Wellness Wall. Music doesn’t just have benefits for our loved ones but for you as a caregiver as well. So grab a pair of head phones and escape through music for a short stress relief period.

Tablets can be a great communication tool used by our loved ones who are isolated and want to connect to others. There are also many apps that can be downloaded to a tablet that can help with emotional support, memory and organization. Again, this can be a great tool for you, the caregiver, as well to use with your loved one or on your own.

GPS and other tracking devices

Electronic medication management systems

Telephone devices

Video monitoring devices

And many more!

Looking for an item like these or something technology related that would benefit you and your loved one? Your caregiver specialist can help you figure out what would be best for you.

Also, at the moment we have a temporary grant that can help caregiverspay for items like this- call me for more information on this if you are interested!