Thoughts on “Young” Caregiving

When we think of “caregivers” we typically think of adults taking care of elderly parents or loved ones. I know from my professional experience this scenario is the most common. But, what do you do if you are in your late 20s or early 30s and suddenly find yourself caring for your parents or another loved one? How is this different? How do you get support?

I don’t believe that depending on your age caregiving is any “easier” or “harder,” but at different points in a person’s life it seems to become more “acceptable” to the caregiver. I do believe that a lot of the same wellness is important for caregivers of any age, including finding support and finding information and resources available.

This topic of younger caregivers came to my attention by a co-worker and friend who has recently, at age 30, found herself caring for both of her parents while still trying to maintain her own life. Visit our new page on the site called “Advice for Young Caregivers” for some insight and advice on this growing topic, written personally by a Baypath employee.