What you Otter Know about Personalities

Today I went to a great presentation at the Residence at Valley Farm in Ashland titled “Life is a Zoo: Understanding Personalities to Facilitate Communication in Health Care,” and it opened my eyes to new ways to talk to others who have different personalities than myself. And how that can help or hurt the conversation/connection.

It made me think about how difficult it can be for you, as caregivers, to work with other family members or your loved one when you have different personality traits. But understanding the importance and needs of each personality is helpful.

The presentation organized personalities into four groups, each represented by a different animal: Lions – independent, in control, decision makers; Otters – creative, fun loving, energetic; Golden retrievers – sensitive, loyal, calm; Beavers – factual, persistent, detailed.

A Golden Retriever may need more sensitivity from you on tough subjects whereas an Otter may need a more upbeat discussion to get your point across. And of course, make sure you give choices and options for Lions to make their own decisions if they are still able to!

For more information on this topic and learn new communication tactics for different personalities call me, or the caregiver specialist in your area.