Self care is not selfish

Information, training and tips that help you STAY HEALTHY AS A FAMILY CAREGIVER!

Physical self-care.
Tips on finding the time to eat well, rest, keep doctors’ appointments, exercise.

Mental well-being.
How to avoid burnout by reducing stress, fatigue, anxiety, guilt, loneliness.

Spiritual fitness.
Ways to help yourself believe that you are enough, you’re doing the best you can, and it is ok to ask for help.


Get a Grip

Have a loved one with arthritis or other troubles causing difficulty with their grasp? There are several at home hacks to try and make things a little easier.


Live Healthy

Become, or encourage a loved one to be, more active in your own health care by learning more about programs and workshops offered by the Healthy Living Center of Excellence .


Journal It!

Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be an outlet that releases stressful thoughts or feelings from your head and onto paper.


Happy Veterans Day

Caring for a veteran? That is amazing! On behalf of myself and the Family Caregiver Support Program at BayPath Elder Services, thank them. And then thank yourself for us, for caring for them.


Light Up The Holidays

As a caregiver, you give all year, how could you possibly give even more during the holiday season?


Bundle Up!

There are several things to remember when approaching the cold weather months, especially if you are caring for a loved one who is elderly. But regardless of age you should be prepared for a safe win...


Memory Cafe’s on the Rise

Memory cafe's are giving caregivers and their loved ones a place to go to connect with others and enjoy some time... together.


Happy New Year

As the New Year approaches it is a great time to start thinking about some new goals or resolutions that you might want to achieve (or give up) in 2017.


Cooking Under Pressure

Heres a quick easy breakfast idea that has gotten a lot of buzz lately and I think it is perfect for caregivers themselves or to make for your loved one. It is, of course, overnight oats!


Don’t Forget to Breathe

We all need a reminder sometimes to just breathe, so here is today's.