Self care is not selfish

Information, training and tips that help you STAY HEALTHY AS A FAMILY CAREGIVER!

Physical self-care.
Tips on finding the time to eat well, rest, keep doctors’ appointments, exercise.

Mental well-being.
How to avoid burnout by reducing stress, fatigue, anxiety, guilt, loneliness.

Spiritual fitness.
Ways to help yourself believe that you are enough, you’re doing the best you can, and it is ok to ask for help.


Remember the Veterans in Your Life

Being a veteran means living day to day life as a hero in disguise. And these heroes may walk among us today as our parents, our grandparents, our neighbors, or even you, the caregiver!


Celebrate Caregivers This Month- and Always!

November is National Family Caregivers Month! Progressive Care Partners has a great list of 10 ideas on how others can celebrate Caregivers this month!


Winter Weather Tips

The winter weather is upon us! Stay prepared and informed about common health hazards for older adults in the winter months.


New Year Resolutions

A new year brings new things we all want to try and accomplish, change, or add to our lives. As a caregiver, take the time to think about something you can do for YOU this year!


Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Even a small “break” from a stressful situation (such as caregiving!) can help reset your body and give you more energy, positive feelings and lower stress.


Grandparents raising Grandchildren

Caring for a grandchild can be rewarding and overwhelming, and like caring for any loved one there is a lot of information, resources and support out there for grandparents that you may not know abou...


At Home Yoga/Meditation

Taking a “timeout” for yourself when you are a caregiver is not an easy task. But finding just 10 minutes a day for some yoga or meditation can be very beneficial for a person’s overall well being.


The Tough Decisions about Long Term Care

When a family is making a long term care decision for a loved one, the cost can be overwhelming. The emotional cost that is.


Non-Pharmacological Interventions

I think sometimes, with all of the doctor’s visits, tests, screenings and medications, we forget the impact of engagements, connections and emotions on a person living with dementia and their quality...


Spring has Sprung

May is here! And I have finally been thinking about spring, more specifically, spring cleaning! Find tips for cleaning and organizing with your loved one.